let’s face it

you say you want a girl who speaks her mind, but all you really want is for her to echo your thoughts
you say you want someone who challenges you, but let’s face it: you would much rather be with one that makes you feel otherworldly, even when you are at your most boring
you claim you want passion, you actually dread it
you say you want someone smart around you, but by that you mean your buddies and your favorite authors. god forbid she has a decent IQ
you  say you want her to be funny, but what you really mean is you want her laughing at your jokes, not making her own

you want her to like to read, but only if she shuts the lights when you want to sleep
you said you’ll have her with her neurosis and fears and quirks, but those were only fun for you from a far
you want her to be fun and light and easy peasy and always agreeing and gazing at you with admiration
revering your every move

you want her but only as a concept
you want the toned-down, well-adjusted, care-free version of her
that you can program to empower you, admire you, celebrate you
for each and every day of her life
and while you figure out that is just not her
she is already at the cat store, buying a  funny cat.

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