Bucket list

1. Fly an airplane.
2. Write a book. It doesn’t matter how many people will read it.
3. Start your own business: a small coffee place or a friendly pub.
4. Go on a road trip in South America.
5. Learn how to play the guitar.
6. Become a mom. A good mom.
7. Find what you love and let it kill you.
8. Teach. Learn and teach.
9. Love someone unconditionally.
10. See Radiohead playing live.
11. Buy a beach house.
12. Build the perfect magazine.
11. Travel the world. Or at least go to Iceland, Ireland, Cuba, Argentine, NYC.
12. Go on a random trip some random day with no plan whatsoever.
13. Learn sign language.
14. Become a YES person.
15. Live abroad for a while (again).

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